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Loose Burger: bringing it all together in southeast Michigan

I'd  love to say that Athen's Coney Island offers the best loose burger in southeastern Michigan, but I don't spend enough time in the region to be certain... yet.  So, I have to defer to my sister, Anne--a Royal Oak homeowner--who says that Athen's has a contender.

First, what is a loose burger?  Granted, it doesn't sound so appetizing.  And looks don't really do much more for it.  But, according to the Athen's menu, a loose burger is a hot dog roll filled with...

...ground beef seasoned with oldfashioned Greek spices, simmered to perfection; onion, chili, mustard.

The key, however, is those onions, they're raw.  To readers familiar with the Detroit Coney-dog, or even the Chicago-style hot-dog, this is a no-brainer.  But, if you are from outside the region and are the sort of person for whom raw oinions trigger migraines, be forewarned. Beneath that is a layer of chili of the sort you'd expect on a chili dog followed by a slab of mustard.

Finally you get to the actual loose burger simmered in the restaurant's own blend of "oldfashioned Greek spices."  Athen's was not available for comment on exactly what those were, but you're in the midwest now, so just eat it.

Perhaps not shocking, you will make a complete mess of everything.  Be sure to also get a large order of fries to sop up all the leftover chili.  An adult could easily eat two, but if it's your first time... start with one.

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